Telonics Product Programmer

Telonics Product Programmer 3.3

A tool for configuring the data-collection parameters of Telonics transmitters

Telonics Product Programmer (TPP) is a powerful software tool for configuring the data-collection parameters of Telonics transmitters. Until now, Telonics has programmed most transmitters in the factory. Telonics customers now have a way to customize their own transmitters quickly and interactively, even prior to delivery of the units. Telonics Product Programmer gives you the ability to modify specific aspects of your transmitter, including transmission intervals and sensor behavior. Some of the benefits include:
- Flexibility. Modify your configuration right up until deployment. Set up a pre-deployment test, transmission periods, sensor on and off times, and the type of sensor data to collect.
- Customization. Create a custom set of transmitter parameters specific to your application.
- Reliability. Predict satellite overpasses with the simulation features in Telonics Product Programmer to help ensure that you transmit only when a satellite is in range.
- Efficiency. Optimize your battery usage and data collection periods with automatic battery end-of-life estimates.

After starting Telonics Product Programmer, you select a product model from a list of Telonics products. TPP displays a report containing all of the information pertaining to that product. You can easily modify the settings listed in the report to suit your needs. These settings include:
- Transmitter frequency
- Transmitter repetition periods
- Transmitter power level
- Transmitter schedule
- Argos message settings
- Pre-deployment test duration
- Sensor schedules and options
- Custom battery information
- Battery thresholds

Once you have configured settings for your transmitter, you can save them to a file and create as many configurations as you desire. Programming your transmitter is as simple as connecting to it via a standard COM port and clicking a button. You can also retrieve the settings contained in your transmitter and view them in Telonics Product Programmer.

The simulation feature of the software graphically displays a chart of predicted satellite overpasses and allows you to set an appropriate transmission schedule. Telonics Product Programmer imports two-line element (TLE) files, which contain the satellite ephemeris data.

Another important feature of Telonics Product Programmer is the "timeline window," which provides a graphical representation of your customized transmitter and sensor schedules, expected battery life, and satellite overpasses. Use this feature to get an overview of the entire study duration.

The "histogram window" summarizes the daily satellite activity for a selectable number of days. This feature allows you to see which satellites are overhead at a certain time of day.

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